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@ at每;以(价格)

& and和,与

AA Automatic Approval 自动许可证

a.a after arrival 到达以后

A.A.R.; aar; Against all risks 承保一切险

abt. about 大约

A/C. Account Current 往来帐户

A/C. Account 帐户,帐

Acc. Acceptance 承兑;Accepted 接受;account 帐户;Accident 意外事故 (保险用语)

acpt. acceptance 承兑

ACN. Air Consignment Note 空运托运单

A/D. after date 期后

A.D. anno domini(L.) 公元(后)

ad;advt. advertisement 广告

Adval. Ad valorem (according to value)从价计算

add. Address 住址

adv. advice 通知

A.F. Advanced freights 预付运费

A.F.B. air freight bill 空运提单

Ag. Agreement 同意;Agent 代理人

amt. amount 金额;总数;共计

anon. anonymous 不记名

a/c;acc/o account of...某人帐户

a/or and/or 与/或

A/P Authority to Purchase 委托购买证

a.p, additional premium 附加费

A/P;a.p. Additional Premium 附加保险费;额外保险费

A.P.L.;a.p.l. As per list 按照表所列出的

app. appendix 附录

approx. approximately;approximate 大约

Apr. April 四月

A.R. All Risks 一切险

arr. arrival;arrived 抵达

a.s after sight 见票后

a/s. alongside 船边

ass mt. assortment 各种类;各色

asst. assorted 分类;花式搭配

atten. attention 注意

Aug August 八月

A/v;A.V. Ad valorem=According to Value 从价;按值

Av. average 海损;平均

av.;A/V;avg. average 海损;平均

A/W actual weight 实际重量;净重

A.W.B air way bill 空运运单

Bal. balance 差额

bar.;brl. barrel 桶,琵琶桶

B.C. before Christ 公元前

b.d brought down 转下

B.D. Bank draft 银行汇票 Bill Discounted 贴现票据

b.d.i. both dates inclusive 包括首尾两日

bdle.;bdl. bundle 把;捆

b.e.;B/E;B.EX. Bill of Exchange 汇票

B.f. Brought forward 接下页

B/G Bonded goods 保税货物

bg.;B/s bag(s) 袋

bkg. banking 银行业务

bkt. basket 篮;匡

bl.;bls. bale(s) 包

Blading Bill of Lading 提单

bldg. bales 包;barrels 桶

bot.;bott.;btl bottle 瓶

br. brand 商标;牌

Brkge. breakage 破碎

b/s bags;bales 袋;包

Bs/L Bills of Lading 提单(复数)

btl. bottle 瓶

bu. bushel 蒲式耳

bx. box 箱

bxs. boxes 箱(复数),盒(复数)

c/-(or c/s) cases 箱

ca.;c/s;cs. case or cases 箱

C.A.D.;C/D cash against documents 付款交单

canc. cancelled 取消;注销

C.A.F. Cost, Assurance, Freight(=C.I.F.)成本加保费、运费价

canclg. cancelling 取消;注销

cat. catalogue 商品目录

C/B clean bill 光票

C.B.D cash before delivery 险付款后交单

c.c. cubic centimetre 立方厘米;立方公分

c.c. carbon copy 复写纸;副本

C.C. Chamber of Commerce 商会

C.C.I.B. China Commodity Inspection Bureau 中国商品检验局

C/d carried down 转下

cent. centum(L.) 一百

Cert.;certif. certificate;certified 证明书;证明

c.f. Cubic feet 立方英尺

C/f Carried Forward 接后;接转(下页)

cf. confer 商议;Compare 比较

C.& F. Cost and Freight 成本加运费价格

CFS;C.F.S. Container Freight Station 集装箱中转站;货运站

Cg. Centigramme 公毫

C.G.A. Cargo's proportion of General Average 共同海损分摊额

cgo. cargo 货物

chges. charges 费用

Chq Cheque 支票

C.I. Certificate of Insurance 保险凭证;Consular Invoice 领事发票;领事签证

C.I.F Cost, Insurance, Freight 成本、保险费加运费价格

C.I.F.&C. Cost, Insurance, Freight & Commission 成本、保险费加运费、佣金价格

C.I.F.&E. Cost, Insurance, Freight & Exchange 成本、保险费、运费价汇费的价格

C.I.F.&I. Cost, Insurance, Freight & Interest 成本、保险费、运费加利息的价格

C.I.O. Cash in Order;Cash with order 订货时付款

cks. casks 桶

cl. class;clause 级;条款;项

CLP Container Load Plan 集装箱装箱单

cm. centimetre 厘米;公分

CMB 国际公路货物运输条约

CMI Committee Maritime International 国际海事委员会

c/n cover note 暂保单;预保单

CNC 新集装箱运输

Co. Company 公司

c/o care of 转交

C/O;c.o. Certificate of origin 产地证明书

c.o.d.;C.O.D. Cash on delivery or Collection delivery 货到付款

COFC Container on Flat Car 平板车装运集装箱

Com. Commission 佣金

Con.inv. Consular invoice 领事签证发票

cont.;contr. contract 合同;合约

contd. continued 继续;续(上页)

contg. containing 内容

corp. corporation 公司

C/P;c.py. charter party 租船契约

C.Q.D. Customary Quick Despatch 按习惯速度装卸

Cr. Credit 贷方;信用证;Creditor 债权人

Crt. crate 板条箱

Ct. Cent 分;Current 当前;目前 Credit 贷方;信用证

C.T.D. Combined transport document 联合运输单据

CTB/L Combined transport bill of lading 联合运输提单

C.T.O. Combined transport operator 联合运输经营人

cu.cm;cb.cm cubic centimetre 立方厘米;立方公分

cu.in.;cb.in. cubic inch 立方寸

cu.m.;cb.m. cubic metre 立方米;立方公尺

cu.ft.;cb.ft. cubic foot 立方英尺

cur.;curt. current(this month) 本月

cur. currency 币制

cu.yd.;cb.yd. cubic yard 立方码

C.W.O. cash with order 订货时付款

c.w.t.;cwt. hundred weight 英担(122磅)

CY Container Yard 集装箱堆场

D/A Document against Acceptance 承兑交单

d/a days after acceptance 承兑后若干天(交款)

D.D.;D/D Demand draft 即期汇票 Delivered at docks 码头交货

D/d documentary draft 跟单汇票

Dec. December 十二月

deld. delivered 交付

dept. department 部;股;处

destn. destination 目的港;目的地

D/f dead freight 空舱费

drt. draft 汇票

diam. diameter 直径

diff. difference 差额;差异

dis.;disc't discount 贴现;折扣;贴现息

Dolls. dollars 元

Dmge. Damage 损坏

destn. destination 目的港;目的地

D/N debit note 久款帐单

doc. document 单据

doc. att. document attached 附单据;附证件

dols.;dolls. dollars 元

D/P document against payment 付款交单

doz. dozen 打

d.p. direct port 直达港口

d/s;d.s.;days.st. days after sight 见票后若干天付款

ds.;d's days 日

dto.;do ditto 同上;同前

d.t. delivery time 交货时间

dup.;dupl.;duplte. duplicate 誊本;第二份;两份

D.W.T. dead weight tonnage 载重吨

D/Y delivery 交付;交货

dz.;doz. dozen 打

ea. each 每

E/D Export Declaration 出口申报单

E.E. errors excepted 错误当查;错误当改

E.E.C. European Economic Community 欧洲共同体

e.g.;ex.g. Exempli gratia(L.)=for example 例如

end. endorsed;endorsement 背书

encl.;enc. enclosure 附件

E.&O.E. errors and omissions excepted 错漏当查;错漏当改

E.O.M. end of month 月末

E.O.S. end of season 季末

eq. equivalent 等值的,等量的

e.q.m. equal quantity monthly 每月相等的数量

Et.seq. Et sequentia(and other things) 及以下所棕述的

Et.al. Et.alibi(and elsewhere) 等等

e.t.a.;eta;ETA estimated(expected)time of arrival 预计到时间

etc. et cetera(L.)=and others 等等

ETCL;etcl expected time of commencement of loading 预计开装时间

etd;ETD estimated(expected)time of departure 预计离港时间

ETDEL expected time of delivery 预计交货时间

ETFD expected time of finishing discharging 预计卸完时间

ETFL expected time of finishing loading 预计装完时间

ex per or out of 搭乘

ex. excluding 除外;example 例子;样本

Exch. exchange,兑换;汇兑

Excl. exclusive or excluding 除外

ex.int. ex interest 无利息

exp. export 出口

Exs. expenses 费用

Ext. extra 特别的;额外的

F degree Fahrenheit 华氏度数

F.A. free alongside(ship) (船)边交货

f/a/a;F.A.A. free from all average 分损不赔(保险用语)

f.a.c. fast as can 尽快

f.a.q.;E.A.Q. fair average quality 大路货;中等品质

f.a.s.;F.A.S. free alongside ship 船边交货价

F.B. freight bill 运费单

fc franc 法郎

FCL Full Container Load 整箱货

F.C.&.S. free of capture and seizure clause 战争险不保条款

f.e. for example 例如

Feb. February 二月

f.f.a. free from alongside 船边交货价

f.g.a.;F.G.A. free from general average 共同海损不赔

f.i. for instance 例如;free in 船方不负担装船费

f.ig. figure 数字

f.i.o. free in and out 船方不负担装卸费

fi.o.s. free in, out and stowed 船方不负担装卸费及理舱费

f.i.w. free in wagon 承运人不负担装入货车费

F/O in favor of 交付给......,以......为受益人

f.o. free out 船方不负担卸货费

F.O.A. free on aircraft 飞机上交货价

fo.vo. filio verso=turn the page 转下页

f.o.r.;F.O.R. free on rail 火车上交货价

FOS.;f.o.s. free on steamer 船上交货价

f.o.b.;F.O.B. free on board 船上交货价

F.O.B.S. free on board stowed 包括理舱费在内的船上交货价

f.o.c. free of charges 免费

f.ot.;fot free on truck 卡车上交货价

F/P fire policy 火灾保险单

E.P. floating policy 总括保险单

F.P.A. free from particular average 平安险

F.;Fr. franc 法郎

frt.;frit.;fgt. freight 运费

frt.ppd freight prepaid 运费已预付

ft. foot 英尺

ft.-lb. foot-pound 英尺磅(功的单位)

f.w.d. fresh water damage 淡水损失

fwd. forward 前面;接下页

F.X. foreign excharge 外汇

g. gram 克;公分

G.A.;G/A General Average 共同海损(保险用语)

gal. gallon 加仑

gds. goods 货物

gm gram 克;公分

G.M.Q. Good Merchantable Quality 上好可销品质

gr. gross 总的;全体的;毛的(重量)

gr.;grm. gram 克;公分

grs.wt.;G.w.;Gr.wt. gross weight 毛重

g.s.w. gross weight 装船毛重

h.;hr. hour 一小时

H.D. Hook damage 钩损

H.O. Head office 总公司;总行

H.&O. Hook and oil damage 钩损和油损

Hund. Hundred 百

h.w.d. heavy weather damage 恶劣气候损坏

I.C.C. International Chamber of Commerce 国际商会

Id. Idem(the same) 同样

i.e. Id est (that is) 即;就是

Imp. import 进口

in. inch 英寸;interest 利息

In trans. Intransit (on the way) 在运输途中

Infra Below 以下

Insp. inspection 检验

Insur.;Ins. Insurance 保险

inst. instant 本月

Inst.cls. Institute clauses 伦敦协会保险条款

Int. Interest 利息

inv. invoice 发票

I.O.P. irrespective of percentage 不计免赔率(保险用语)

I/P insurance policy 保单险


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